Trying to keep up with the blog…

It’s hard, I can’t deny… I started to write some articles but they are all being cooked, one to be published at and some others, here. Meanwhile, I’ll publish some of the websites I’ve been working on for the last months. Not sure who really will care about my excuses but I felt like justifying my absense…


Image by trostle

Sometimes in life we carry on with our jobs, studies, obligations and we forget to look after other important things. It’s easy to excuse ourselves for not having the time to keep writing, sharing knowledge, learning from others. So no more excuses! After a long winter, I decided to give a revamp to my website 😛

For now I will start writing again, but a total redesign is on my plans. I’ve been working so much lately that I feel obligated to share some of my experiences.

The sun will shine again! See you all soon!


Professor Corkbot’s cat

Back in 2009, when I arrived in London, I started talking to Brona McVittie, a science communicator of the MRC where my wife works. At that time, I was trying to create flash games and she gave me the idea to create something to celebrate the 150 years since Darwin officially shared his theory of evolution by natural selection with the world! Well, after leaving the project on hold for a while 😛 we decided to go live with it (but I may try to create a better version of it later).

The game has sense only after you watch this movie:

Professor Corkbot’s Cat and the White Spider from Brona McVittie on Vimeo.


And here is the game!

New illustration

I have just prepared a new illustration about Che Guevara… it was a friend’s idea and here I am, to show the result. The picture is a joke to some people from USP who would like to be alive during the Brazilian Military Dictatorship because they think it would be cool!

Che Guevara

The word CHEGA in Portuguese has a meaning of ENOUGH!

It doesn’t mean to offend anyone and, just to be sure, I think Che Guevara was an important person… so, be cool! 😀